Lucas Riechert - Friday 21 October 2022

Android 13 Go is official!

Good news for people with somewhat cheaper Android devices: Android 13 Go has in fact been officially presented with the accompanying entry-level specifications. What's all new? And what exactly is Android 13 Go? You can read about that here! 

Android 13 Go is coming for low-end devices

Google has announced the light version of its mobile operating system. Among other things, the new software features a brand new design based on Material You. It also offers support for Play System updates, which allows it to force updates through the Play ecosystem. Material You was already introduced with Android 12 and so now comes in a lighter version of Google's well-known operating system. What this means is that, among other things, the accent colors are based on the set background, which looks very nice. You will see these colors in the settings menu, notifications and other places. However, you are limited to four color profiles as an Android Go user, whereas in Android 13 there are already 16. 

Other new features with Android 13 Go

Another new option is that you can start setting permissions per app. This also allows you to choose a different language per app, provided the developer has built this in as an option of course. Also, the Discover home screen can now be used with the Go software and Android 13 Go will receive important security updates more often. The Play system updates have been around since Android 10, but were not yet included in Android 11 Go and Android 12 Go. So this is now changing. 

Higher system requirements

It was already announced that the system requirements to run Android 13 Go properly will be increased. This means that devices must have a minimum of 2GB of working memory, where before it was 1GB of working memory. In addition, a minimum of 16GB of internal memory will be required. In previous Android Go editions, this was still 8GB of internal memory. Most devices that can use Android Go are hardly sold in our country. This market is much larger in Asia and southern Europe. There, more expensive devices are often a luxury; here in the Netherlands we often see more expensive devices. However, there are also devices available in the Netherlands that can use Android 13 Go, such as several Alcatel devices. 

Do you have a device with Android Go? Or do you prefer to use a high-end device? 

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