Lucas Riechert - Friday 19 May 2023

Android 14 gets moving wallpapers and new lockscreen

Android 14 will be released in the fall. Among other things, Google will add a new lockscreen where users can put different shortcuts and use AI to add wallpapers that can move. More than 50 apps will also be improved. Read more about this cool news here!

Innovations for Android 14
Google has released a slew of news for Android 14 that will be released later this year. For example, users can start customizing the lockscreen with app shortcuts and clocks in different styles, for example. You can also customize where you want to put the clock as well as the temperature and date. So everything can be customized. The messaging app in Android you can now also use AI (artificial intelligence) to automatically send responses to received messages. The AI suggests responses based on the user's context and writing style. You can also customize the writing style; for example, more concise, more professional or even in the style of Shakespeare! Android 14 also gets animated 3D wallpapers similar to those in iOS 15. With written commands, users can instruct the AI to start generating wallpapers on certain topics. This feature is coming out as early as next month for Google Pixel devices.

More than 50 improved apps
Google's other apps for Android 14 are also getting a makeover: over 50 apps, for example, will be improved for use on larger screens such as tablets or folding devices. For folding devices such as the Galaxy Z Fold, the layout will be modified with multiple columns and a so-called tabletop mode where the device lies half unfolded on the table. Apps such as Spotify, Disney+ and Minecraft will also be optimized for larger screens. Google also confirmed that there will be a dedicated app for WhatsApp for Wear OS 3, the system for smartwatches. With this app appearing in the summer, users will be able to read and reply to WhatsApp messages on their smartwatch and even send voice messages from their wrist. That's how to become a true James Bond!

Mixed Reality
Google is working with Samsung on a new "immersive platform" for Mixed Reality (a combination of VR and AR). No further details about this have been announced yet, however, they will be shared later this year. Finally, Google is coming up with improvements to its car software. Car models that have Google software built into them will more than double by the end of the year. Also, motorists with this software will soon be able to conference through their car dashboard via Microsoft Teams, Webex and Zoom. So many cool innovations are coming!


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