Lucas Riechert - Thursday 4 May 2023

Apple glasses will focus on sports and games

Apple's upcoming 'mixed reality' glasses (combination of virtual reality and augmented reality) are going to have quite a range of features. These will include games, fitness and productivity software on the Reality One, the likely name of the glasses. Apple itself is developing a hefty array of new apps for the glasses, which are likely to be unveiled in June. Read more about these new interesting developments below.

Working out and reading books in virtual reality
This information comes from insiders who told Bloomberg. The glasses would be announced in June at the major developer conference WWDCC in California at Apple's headquarters. According to Apple itself, this is going to be their biggest event yet. Apple is currently still busy with initial offerings in terms of software for the Reality One. For instance, Apple is working on glasses versions of its own web browser Safari and other apps such as Calendar, Mail, Files, Maps, Notes, Messages, Reminders and Photos.
These apps for the Reality One should become similar to those already available for the iPad. A special version of the Books app is being developed that should make it possible to read in VR, and a headset version of Fitness+ is also being worked hard on so that you can also exercise with the glasses on.

Games for the Reality One glasses
According to Bloomberg, gaming is also going to be a major pillar of the glasses. Apple does not produce games itself so will probably rely on games made by other developers in this regard. According to insiders, Apple has started working closely with game developers to get their software on the Reality One. Many games are already being made for VR platforms, such as Meta Quest 2 or PlayStation VR2. So whether these will also be ported to the Apple glasses we are yet to see.

Controlling glasses with eye tracking and hand gestures
Another nice touch is that the Reality One can be operated using hand gestures and eye tracking. Thus, cameras on the outside ensure that the device detects the user's hands and sensors recognise what the user is looking at. So users can thus control the glasses by looking at things, for example. This is quite a difference from other VR or AR headsets, which require you to have controllers in your hands to operate the device. Some glasses do use touch controls on the glasses themselves, but do not have the same technology that Apple is going to use. In any case, we are very curious to see how this will work when the glasses are available! Hopefully, we will see the announcement in June.

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