Lucas Riechert - Wednesday 12 April 2023

New rumour: third Samsung Galaxy foldable on the way in 2023

Great news for all Samsung fans; in fact, it looks like a third foldable is being prepared for release as late as 2023! This model would fold out in three parts, making it even more like a tablet than the Fold 5. However, it now seems that this third model would spell the end for another much-loved model.... Read more here soon!

Tri-Fold Samsung
The South Korean company has been experimenting with various designs for devices with flexible screens for some time. For example, vertically foldable as with the Flip 4 and horizontally as with the Fold 4. Roll-up is also a possibility but Samsung does not seem to be going that route for the third model. According to rumours by Yogesh Brar and others, Samsung is working on a foldable that consists of three parts. It is still unclear exactly how this works, whether, for example, you fold the outer two parts inwards or fold them together like the Z. Earlier, Samsung Display showed a prototype of a 7.1-inch model. We don't yet know if this is the same model, which will have to be revealed when Samsung makes an official announcement. It is not yet clear when this will happen. Judging from previous years, we can only expect the announcement in the autumn, which may therefore now become three announcements instead of two.

Possibly no Galaxy Fan Edition
We had previously written a bit about the possible new FE 2023 with rumours here and there. However, with the arrival of another foldable, it seems unlikely that the new FE will come out as well. So this most likely means the end of the Galaxy FE. Last year too, no Fan Edition of the Galaxy S22 came out and now the same fate seems true for the Galaxy S23. So this will mark the end of the entire series that came into existence with the arrival of the Galaxy S20 FE.

What is a Galaxy Foldable?
Many people are still somewhat hesitant or sceptical about foldable devices from Samsung and others, which have been on the market for a while now. A foldable device is a phone where you can fold or fold up the screen. As a result, you can therefore use the device as a phone but also as a kind of smaller tablet. So, for example, it is the perfect solution if you prefer to use one device instead of a separate smartphone and separate tablet. It is very practical because you can fold the device, which means that when you close it, you can easily take it everywhere with you in your pocket while still having a large screen. Convenient to take anywhere and also watch movies on it or multitask. In fact, the large screen usually has enough space to open 2 apps at the same time. Plus it's just a clever piece of technology and looks cool! In any case, we are big fans of Samsung foldables.

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