Lucas Riechert - Sunday 20 November 2022

Probably only iPhone 15 Pro models are going to get faster USB-C connection than regular models

Exciting rumors: Namely, Apple is said to give only the iPhone 15 Pro models faster data transfers with the USB-C port next year. So there is most likely going to be a distinction between the charging speed on regular iPhones and Pro models for the iPhone 15. Read more about these rumors here! 

Rumors from data analyst Ming-Chi Kuo  

The rumors come from the normally well-informed data analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The regular iPhone 15 models would get USB 2.0 speeds via USB-C. This is equivalent to iPhones with a Lightning port, according to Kuo

The iPhone 15 Pro models, on the other hand, would get USB 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3, allowing substantially faster data transfers. Apple must comply with European regulations requiring USB-C in products such as smartphones starting in late 2024. 

More and more differentiation between iPhones 

Rumors and assumptions have long been circulating that Apple wants to increasingly differentiate between "regular" iPhones and the Pro models. In the short history of the iPhone, the differences were mainly on the outside, for example in materials. Today, Pro models already have faster chips, better screens and a different design than regular models. Kuo said earlier that Apple wants these steps to make the more expensive Pro models more attractive compared to the regular iPhones. So far, Apple has managed to break its own iPhone sales records every year. Once again, demand for the latest iPhone 14 Pro models is now so high that Apple could barely meet it in recent weeks. 

Technical aspects 

USB 2.0's speed is 480 Mbit/s. Lightning has been in use for another decade, since the iPhone 5 came out in 2012. The choice of USB 2.0 on a USB-C port is also the combination that many Android devices go for. Android devices also often support the maximum USB 2.0 speeds. This step in difference in terms of regular and Pro models, by the way, is also in line with what Apple is doing with iPads. The cheapest iPad model has a USB-C port with USB 2.0 up to 480 Mbit/s, the middle models have USB 3.1 up to 10Gbit/s and the Pro models come up to 40Gbit/s with USB 4.

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