Lucas Riechert - Tuesday 16 August 2022

Refurbished iPhones and the fight against e-waste

How sustainable is refurbished?

Although Apple is committed to sustainability, if you throw away your iPhone and buy a new one, a lot of (still good) electronics are lost. By selling your iPhone and getting yourself a refurbished device, you give a smartphone or tablet a second (happy!) life. Did you know that according to Milieu Centraal, there are over three million unused old smartphones lying around in Dutch households? And that e-waste (waste generated by electronics) is the fastest growing waste stream after the "plastics soup"? When purchasing a refurbished iPhone or iPad, you save an average of 55.5 kilograms of CO2 and 100 liters of water! That saving is equivalent to delivering as many as 185 packages. 

Towards a circular economy

A big part in the fight for a better environment is the pursuit of a circular economy. This means that products we use as consumers eventually end up back in the economy as new products or raw materials. The Dutch government's mission is to make the Netherlands fully circular by 2050, you can see that more and more companies are working on this to meet the common sustainability goal. The circular procurement of appliances contributes greatly to this, which is why we are very proud that Joeps sells refurbished! 

The impact of e-waste 

The problem of e-waste is big and will only get bigger if we, companies and consumers, do nothing about it. In fact, it is so bad that many countries are saddling their e-waste with other countries by shipping it to less developed countries. In these countries, electronics are often taken apart, without protection and rules, for raw materials. In other words, dangerous and irresponsible. Research by Basel Action Network on the shipping of e-waste from Europe shows that behind the scenes we are actively contributing to this problem. It has been calculated that Europe ships about 352,474 tons of e-waste annually! That's about 2 billion iPhones a year of waste shipped to countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, Tanzania and Thailand. 

By saving iPhones and iPads from this e-waste mountain at Joeps, we are reducing e-waste and making a positive impact on the environment. We feel that we should take this responsibility to lend a hand to the world. We are pleased to see that sustainable business is gaining more and more attention among companies, not just us. The substantial increase in refurbished appliances in the market is both sustainable and good for consumers. Because they get a well-functioning appliance for a lower price and think about the environment! 

You can also see that there is more attention in the market for refurbished devices, which also improves the quality of refurbished Apple products. 

Refurbished devices from Joeps

So how do we at Joeps make sure that the quality of our refurbished iPhones and iPads is good? Because the devices certainly are! You basically can't tell them apart from new devices. Often the iPhones and iPads we refurbish are from business or returned from stores due to warranty. The devices are almost always as good as new or only briefly used with occasional minor defects. 

The devices we receive are of course extensively tested and checked by our specialists. The components, hardware, software and external condition are assessed and where necessary refurbished so that the device functions perfectly and looks tiptop. All our refurbished devices are thus as good as new. It is therefore a safe and durable alternative to a new device. The refurbished devices all have 6 months warranty! 

So don't wait any longer and check out our offer for refurbished devices here

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