Lucas Riechert - Monday 5 June 2023

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5: new colours and improved features on the way!

According to Ross Young, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 will get some cool new colours. Besides the familiar colours, there will also be some striking new shades. Read more about this news soon!

New colours
Ross Young says the colours for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5 are going to include blue, green, platinum and yellow. For the Galaxy Z Flip 5, we can also expect beige, grey, light green and light pink, while the Z Fold 5 can thus expect blue and platinum in addition to the classic colours beige, black and light blue.

Bigger external screen
But that's not all these new foldable devices have to offer. Indeed, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 gets a larger cover screen in the form of a handy folder, replacing the relatively small screen of the previous model. With a screen size of 3.4" inches, multitasking becomes a breeze. And compared to the competition, both Samsung and Motorola offer impressive external displays with their clamshell foldables this year. In terms of design, Samsung has cleverly chosen to cut out the screen so that the front cameras remain free. This sets Samsung apart from Motorola, where the new Quick View screen actually covers the cameras. A smart move, we think.

Release date
The release date for these cool foldable smartphones from Samsung also comes earlier than expected. The Samsung Unpacked event will reportedly take place a few weeks earlier, on 26 July. On that day, the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Watch 6 are expected to be released. And to get a head start on the iPhone 15 launch, Samsung will most likely make the new models available worldwide on 11 August. In addition, Ross Young has already indicated that production forecasts for the Z Flip 5 are higher than those of the previous model, indicating that the launch will take place earlier. A smart move to stay ahead of the competition! So get ready for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 with their stunning new colours, enhanced features and early launch. These folding masterpieces are sure to surprise you (and us)!

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