Lucas Riechert - Tuesday 27 June 2023

Samsung now allows Dutch people to repair their smartphones themselves

Good news for all those with a Samsung device. The South Korean company is now also offering the ability to repair devices themselves in the Netherlands. The company has launched a programme selling repair kits and spare parts for Galaxy smartphones and laptops.

Repair your phone yourself
Samsung's Self Repair website allows customers to order spare parts for various models, including the Galaxy S20, S21 and S22 smartphones. You can also do the same for some models of Galaxy Book Pro laptops. Parts available include glass backs, usb-c ports, screens, batteries and cases. To support customers with the repairs, detailed instructions in text and video format are provided. Samsung also provides the tools and materials needed, such as screws and glue. The parts can be bought separately or as part of a repair kit. The phone repair kit costs around 28 euros and includes a screwdriver, picks and a heating pad. Handy, right?

Already a hit in the US and South Korea
Samsung introduced the Self Repair programme in the United States and South Korea last year and is now expanding it to other European countries, including the Netherlands. In Samsung's home country and the United States, the programme is already a big success. Samsung has plans to add more products to the programme in the future, but exactly what these other products will be is so far unknown. We are curious to see how far this repair programme will be expanded.

Apple repair programme
Apple also has a similar repair programme, launched in late 2021 with parts for the iPhone and MacBook. This programme is currently not yet available in the Netherlands and it is also not yet known when it will be introduced in our little country. The growing demand for the "right to repair" has led to increasing attention from politicians and push for legislation in this area. In any case, we hope Apple will soon roll out the repair programme in the Netherlands as well.

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